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Start Here - Let Your Journey Begin

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Team Declaration

Team Name - Escaped

Name Student ID Number Github Handle
Nandula Nandula Perera 2018CS117 @nandulaperera
Dilan Dilan Perera 2018CS123 @rdperera
George George Raveen 2018CS051 @georgeraveen
Lakshan Lakshan Sandaruwan 2018CS073 @sandaruwan98
Maheshi Maheshi Yatipansalawa 2018IS097 @Maheshiky

What we are building

Our application “Start Here” is built with the primary intention of providing a platform for startups of Sri Lanka to advertise their job opportunities and to attract new customers while retaining existing customers. It helps encourage entrepreneurship among the youth of Sri Lanka through the growth of working spaces.

How we built it

[Initial Update]

  • We got together and discussed many ideas and chose the idea of implementing the ‘Start Here’ platform.
  • After that we started to sketch User Interfaces for the project based on ‘cyberpunk’.

[Update 2]

  • We started the project using ReactJS.
  • Our team members parallelly worked on user interfaces Homepage, Dashboard, Login page, Signup page, View ad page, Contact us.
  • Thanks to we were able to design our project using ‘cyberpunk’ assets.

[Final Update]

  • We did some minor improvements on UI designs.
  • Finally we were able to implement Firebase authentication SDK for Signup and Login.


It was an amazing experience working with a group of undergraduate students of the UCSC during this pandemic period. We managed to put our free time into creating an innovative application to help the community find a way forward. It was challenging to find an idea which we could develop into an actual application. But with collaborative decision making and planning we made it possible. It was a difficult task to virtually plan everything with no physical interaction. So we utilized as much technology as possible to work on something that we all were passionate about. We had 8 hour long conversations on Whatsapp. The group prepped for this while competing in IEEEXtreme 14.0. We also had the opportunity to explore new areas in ReactJS.

Demo Link

Demo Link:

Link to Code


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