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Issue Deploying Rails 6.1 to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Any tips on deploying Rails to AWS Elastic Beanstalk ? I am starting to have real difficulty. Each error I solve leads to another one. Right now it has issue with compiling assets warning: shebang line ending with \r may cause problems , so I turned it off for now by changing one environment configuration as : RAILS_SKIP_ASSET_COMPILATION = true Now it is a database issue. I update things but each time it fails to deploy the newer version and keeps the old one running...

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Hi Natblow, that warning makes me think that it might be an issue with line ending discrepancy between Windows (CRLF or \r\n) and Linux (LF \n)

Git/Github gives you both options. If you moved your code between platforms without configuring git config core.autocrlf, your code could have these different formats and that can confuse Ruby or command line interpreters.

Regarding AWS, have you checked if they have any recommended Rails version? Cloud providers will lag on anguages/frameworks if you are using anything else except a VM.

A reference for git line ending config: