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I tried to run "npx nexus dev" at the start of the tutorial, I have recreated the project twice but I keep on getting this error:

4596 βœ• nexus:glocal The global Nexus CLI you invoked could not hand off to your project-local one becuase it wasn't on disk.

This can happen for example after you have cloned a fresh copy of your project from a remote repository.

Please install your dependencies and try your command again.

Location of the Nexus CLI you invoked: C:\Users\natha\Documents\Web Development\NEXT\nexus-prisma\node_modules\nexus\dist\cli\main.js

Location of your project-local Nexus CLI: C:\Users\natha\Documents\Web Development\NEXT\nexus-prisma\node_modules.bin\main.js


Try installing the versiΓ³n 0.26.0-next.5 of nexus


Looks like this can happen on Windows. Are you using the native Windows cmd.exe or WSL?


Windows cmd... I should probably migrate over to WSL

Windows support is coming soon to Nexus! However, I'd still recommend you migrate over to WSL or use a Linux dev container of some kind, because most web dev tools and frameworks are created Unix-first.

I'm in the process of downloading WSL 2 now 😊 I was going to make the switch anyway but just put it off. I'll try your tute again once it's set up πŸ‘

Just to follow up, I decided to move to Linux and everything worked well!

Thanks so much for the amazing tutorial, it's awesome now that I've made it :P

(Maybe add a disclaimer for Windows users that they might have trouble, if you want)

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