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How to revert a pull request and apply the changes manually ?

It is a very common practice to following the git branching in your project to maintain a stable code base in production by having a development , staging and master branches.

First thing first, always commit your code everytime you make a significant changes in the respective branch. At some point your commit history would look like this. Let us call this branch as feature/cancel-order-buton.

Alt Text

The next thing you do is create a pull request to your development branch, that is it, you are done with your task. Then your usual development process continues and 5 other team members creates PR to development branch as well, at this point we have 6 PRs created including your PR.

Now, you need to remove complete code changes that you did in the development for some reason. If you are using a tool like eg. Bitbucket, you will be able to unmerge your PR easily. Once this is done, a new branch will be created with all the changes removed and then you can merge it back to development branch.

The next thing to do is cherry-pick the changes from the remaining 5 PRs and merge it to development branch

git cherry-pick <commit-id>

Once all the changes from other branches are cherry picked and applied, you have successfully reverted your PR code from your development branch and you can continue the deployment process.

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