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navthenugget profile image Nav Pahwa ・2 min read

Heyo! I am Nav, Founder & CEO of StartupConvo. Last time I made a startup post, I had recently released a web app for schools. Unfortunately because of high cost of maintenance and low visitors, I had to shut down the business.

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This time I'm back with another startup. StartupConvo is a Startup Discovery Platform, The platform comes built in with a Startup Leaderboard and an unbiased algorithm giving a fair chance to every single startup ever registered on this platform.

Here is the Development Story:

The idea of StartupConvo initially started when I was about to shut down SchoolConvers, I was struggling with ideas, I finally settled on this one. Previously, I have used many Startup Discovery Platform, some of them had rigged algorithms, they would only promote Startups who had paid them. Some of them had a really horrible UI and some of them were just never updated or maintained. I decided to change this forever and came up with an idea of an iOS app that takes Startup Discovery to Next Level with a Leaderboard. This makes the startup race a lot more fun and it's just a really nice feature to have to be honest.

After 6-8 Weeks of Developing the Project Single Handedly and Six Rejections, this morning I finally released my startup on the iOS App Store. 4 Days before my school commences. Instead of spending my holidays relaxing from a stressful year, I burnt out myself even more by programming a Native iOS App. No Regrets.

Thanks for taking your time to read my development story. Thanks for all the support you guys gave me with my last startup.


Nav :)

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