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Nav Pahwa
Nav Pahwa

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I just published my first full-time commercial project!


SchoolConvers is an Online Startup that allows private and secure communication between students and teachers. SchoolConvers offers a sick leave mechanism, a forum, and a to-do list.

What Who are You?

Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself: I am Nav, the creator of SchoolConvers. I am Fourteen-Years-Old and I have been Coding Since the Age of Eight. The Idea of SchoolConvers Popped Up in My Mind After Getting Frustrated at my own teachers who were too late in replying to my questions a day before the test, of course, it is not their fault because most of the time they receive the same questions from two different students and it's quite frustrating to answer to both of them.

I thought why couldn't the students answer the students' questions? So I created SchoolConvers. It's Safe, Secure, and Reliable.

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Definitely a welcome idea for schools around the world.

What tech stack are you using for this?

Also a small styling tip:

.feature-box .text has overflow-y: scroll, I suggest giving it overflow-y: auto instead so you don't have the ugly scroll bars until you need them.

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Nav Pahwa

React, Typescript, NodeJS, Postgres.
Thanks for the advice.

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Nav Pahwa

Any Suggestions are Welcomed

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Yeah this is cool !!

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Nav Pahwa

Thanks, Man! Have You Tried Viewing the Service? Like Logging in and then creating a bunch of classrooms(and trying to break the website)? Because I am Looking for People who actually try to break the website so that I can fix all the bugs. Thanks for your feedback!

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