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re: gitkraken. 'nuff said.

Nice proposition, I was just saying I don't have to right tools to follow the work that is done on my prefered repos, can't follow the commits and the issues other place then using the GH GUI and discussing on GitHub, will the tool you propose save me from beeing lost ?


I don't think I'm following your question. I think GitKraken is the best GUI for GIT that I've ever used.. and I used most of them. Since I started using GitKraken, I have not had to use the command-line at all. It's very intuitive and straightforward.

I complely agree, GitKraken is a game-changer for git GUIs. I tend to do most of my git remote/branching work in the terminal, but the commit graph and it's commit previews just look so darn good. it's all I use for creating commits and exploring history


I like the enthusiasm that comes with this software, sorry for misunderstanding I am a french speaker in fact and sometimes I start explaining things in english and don't have the right words for it

It cost nothing to give a try so am on my way to test it thx for the discovery

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