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Discussion on: Persistent SSH Sessions with Tmux

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This is something I've been trying to do too, however I couldn't get your method to work on my setup (LXC containers inside Proxmox). It wouldn't create the initial tmux session.

However, I found this Stack Overflow question which has a useful answer:

Putting tmux new -A -s mySession in my .profile works.

I'm also using mosh to persist the connection when my PC goes to sleep.

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Michael Okoko Author

Glad you got it to work, also, I've only heard praises for mosh. I should take it for a spin one of these days.

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I was getting sessions should be nested with care, unset $TMUX to force at the top of tmux when using tmux attach || tmux new. What happens is tmux also executes .bashrc/profile.

So now I use this:

if [[ ! "$TERM" =~ "screen" ]]; then
tmux attach -t default || tmux new -s default

in my .bashrc

TERM is set to 'screen' in tmux environment.

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