Why do you follow a person on Github?

ndrx42 profile image Ender Ahmet Yurt ・1 min read

I follow 137 people on Github. I follow some of them because of just my friend. They can be a really good developer but some followings don't push any code to Github for a while. I just worry why we follow a person on Github? What are your reasons? Why should we follow a person who hasn't any activities on Github?

  • being your friend
  • being your colleague
  • being a really good developer
  • being a good open source develop
  • being a famous guy like a big tech company CTO or etc
  • ...

The other point, I can ask, why do you push the unfollow button? That can be the second question. Actually, two questions are related to each other.



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I follow people who create neat things, or who seem like they follow and star cool things. It's a repo discovery method. I have yet to unfollow anyone.


This is roughly what I came to say. I don't follow many users (yet), but generally it's because I've interacted with them and found they have expressed interest in similar fields to what I would like to see repos about.