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muriuki muriungi erick
muriuki muriungi erick

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The simplest way to differentiate between the data engineers, data scientists and the data analyst.

Taking the three roles as a complete architectural model, we have architecture engineers designing and building the house, lorries and trucks, bringing the building materials and drivers to the construction site

Data engineers

Data engineers, in this case, are like architectural engineers. just like the architectural engineers,They will design and build the pipelines to ingest data. They are also responsible for maintaining these pipelines. They are the brains behind how the data will flow from data lakes or data warehouses to the data pipelines.

Data scientists

Data scientists are like trucks and lorries bringing construction materials to the construction site. Just like the trucks carries the material, data scientists will carry the preprocessed data to the consumer. They will use technologies such as machine learning to make future prediction. They will exploit the data from data pipelines and draw complex insights from such data.

Data analysts.

Data analysts. Like the driver ,takes the building materials to the site, data analysts use their skills to drive the data to the consumer. Data analysts examine and combine several datasets to help the business understand the trend in the business. Data analysts are the brains behind making an informed business decisions in an organization. They work with the current data to understand the current business situation of an organization

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