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Top 10 AWS Interview Questions

1) What is the importance of buffer in Amazon Web Services?
Ans. An Elastic Load Balancer ensures that the incoming traffic is distributed optimally across various AWS instances. A buffer will synchronize different components and makes the arrangement additionally elastic to a burst of load or traffic. The components are prone to work in an unstable way of receiving and processing requests. The buffer creates an equilibrium linking various apparatus and crafts them work at an identical rate to supply more rapid services.

2) Can you launch Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances with predetermined private IP addresses? If yes, then with which Amazon service it is possible?
Ans. Yes. It is possible by using VPC (Virtual Private Cloud).

3) If you launched a standby RDS, will it be launched in the same availability zone as your primary?
Ans. No, standby instances are automatically launched in different availability zones than the primary, making them physically independent infrastructures. This is because the whole purpose of standby instances is to prevent infrastructure failure. So, in case the primary goes down, the standby instance will help recover all of the data.

4) Which of the following is a global Content Delivery Network service that securely delivers data to users with low latency and high transfer speed.
Ans. Amazon CloudFront

5) Which Amazon solution will you use if you want to accelerate moving petabytes of data in and out of AWS, using storage devices that are designed to be secure for data transfer?
Ans. Amazon Snowball. AWS Snowball is the data transport solution for large amounts of data that need to be moved into and out of AWS using physical storage devices.

6) If you are running your DB instance as Multi-AZ deployment, can you use standby DB instances along with your primary DB instance?
Ans. No, the standby DB instance cannot be used along with the primary DB instances since the standby DB instances are supposed to be used only if the primary instance goes down.

7) Your organization is developing a new multi-tier web application in AWS. Being a fairly new and small organization, there’s limited staff. But, the organization requires high availability. This new application comprises complex queries and table joins. Which Amazon service will be the best solution for your organization’s requirements?
Ans. DynamoDB will be the right choice here since it is designed to be highly scalable, more than RDS or any other relational database services.

8) You accidently stopped an EC2 instance in a VPC with an associated Elastic IP. If you start the instance again, what will be the result?
Ans. The data stored on the instance will be lost. Elastic IP is disassociated from the instance only if the instance is terminated.

9) Your organization has around 50 IAM users. Now, it wants to introduce a new policy that will affect the access permissions of an IAM user. How can it implement this without having to apply the policy at the individual user level?
Ans. It is possible using IAM groups, by adding users in the groups as per their roles and by simply applying the policy to the groups.

10) You have an application running on your Amazon EC2 instance. You want to reduce the load on your instance as soon as the CPU utilization reaches 100 percent. How will you do that?
Ans. It can be done by creating an autoscaling group to deploy more instances when the CPU utilization exceeds 100 percent and distributing traffic among instances by creating a load balancer and registering the Amazon EC2 instances with it.

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