i doing SQL tuning in Company databases but i don't know where to start

negibirendar profile image Biren ・1 min read

i am doing SQL tuning in Company databases but i dont know where to start as i am new in DBA i joined new company where they have lots of databases, and it issue with databases, can anyone help me where to i start what should be step


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Hi Biren

Looks like you're using Execution Plans for your tuning, is there anything specific you're struggling with?


Hi Helen,

please check below my Quote and write ahead what i can do as i am Nob DAB

  1. first o go with indexing, i used sql profiler for trace query then i use SQL query adviser.... ? can i appliyed given recommendation or need to explore first

Hi Biren,

Are you having trouble with SQL Profiler?

Check out these links to get started and for best practice: