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Discussion on: How many domain names do you own?

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Too many.

I own roughly...150 or so. Some of them quite valuable, actually. Have a few of them which have been appraised for $5-10k, and a handful at $10k+ (those that were professionally appraised). The domain market is all kinds of messed up the last few years though as URLs which would've demanded much higher prices in the last are now worth a lot less money, companies are far more willing to go with an alternative gTLD or even a ccTLD instead of the usual .com or far less frequent .net as they were in the past.

I only use very few of them. In fact, this post reminds me, I'll probably look into the process of selling some of them in the next few days, haha.

If anyone wonders, I used to be very into dropcatching (grabbing expiring domains as soon as they were re-made available for registration by the registrars) although this too has gotten almost impossible, 2 main companies control the entirety of that market now and 1 Chinese site in particular seems to have figured out some kind of way to manipulate the process to the extent that I've witnessed some things that on the surface at least, appear very shady, in the last 12-18 months. I wish this weren't the case as it used to be a kind of fun hobby. In the last 2 years I've only managed to grab maybe 2-3 cool dropping domains this way - 1 of them I am personally using and the other 2 I will sell one of them, probably not for much money either maybe I'll get $4-500 for it.