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How to sign up for New Relic's new perpetual free tier

Click here to skip the exposition and jump straight to the sign up how to.

New Relic is a company built by developers for developers, but the feedback that customers have given us is that observability is complicated and New Relic is not making it easier to collect complete telemetry. Also, we're expensive.

Today, that changes.
We're making big changes today. We are making it easier and more economical to use New Relic. Read more here.

  • We are introducing a perpetual free tier.
    • 100 GB/month of data ingest included.
    • 1 full access user (Telemetry Data Platform, Full-Stack Observability, and Applied Intelligence)
    • Unlimited free basic users (Telemetry Data Platform data exploration, dashboarding, and New Relic One application building. No Full-Stack Observability or Applied Intelligence access)
  • We simplified our packaging and pricing.
    • Telemetry Data Platform - consumption-based pricing, $0.25/GB of data ingest which is a great deal. Super cool if you believe in open source like me, because we are supporting more and more open sources of telemetry data.
    • Full-Stack Observability - All of the tools developers love from New Relic (APM, Infrastructure, Browser, Mobile, etc.), all in one UI, now priced per-seat instead of per-product
    • Applied Intelligence - AIOps capabilities like proactive anomaly detection (to catch problems before they occur), incident intelligence (to reduce unnecessary alerts and prioritize issues easily), and incident correlation (to reduce unnecessary alerts, understand the potential impact of an issue quickly, and route an issue to the right people automatically)

Sign-up today. It's free, it's easy, and it makes it easier to build better software.

How to sign up for New Relic's perpetual free tier

  • Go to the New Relic sign up page.
  • Enter your Name and Email -- That's it. No credit card. No phone number. No rights to your first-born son.
  • Click the Sign Up button.
    Alt Text

  • New Relic will send you an email verification.
    Alt Text

  • Open the verification email and click the Verify Email button.
    Alt Text

  • This will take you back to New Relic to create a password. Enter your password and click the Save Password button.
    Alt Text

  • Select where your data should be stored (United States or Europe) and click the Save button.
    Alt Text

That's it. You now have a free New Relic account w/ 100GB of data ingest/month.

You can start instrumenting your software and infrastructure by going to New Relic One, signing in if you need to, and clicking on the Add Your Data button...
Alt Text

... or by going to New Relic Open Source, downloading and building one of our open source agents or integrations, and instrumenting from there.

Learn more about what you can do with New Relic, including how to instrument your applications and how to use New Relic to make your software better, on our Docs site, or dig in and learn how to include more advanced instrumentation in your applications on our Developers site.

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