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Everything You Need To Know To Get Started As A UX Designer

A UX designer conducts research about different users and their goals. It also includes how to plan user’s journey through the application, website or product.

It also includes sketching of user interface designs and other details. It is actually a UX designer’s primary responsibility to meet the clientele and customers’ need and demands in efficient and effective manner.

UX design is also the process which enables a producer to understand what is the need of the user and how well it can be formed as a part of the product design so that greater user experiences can be delivered.

The first step of UX design is user research. A UX designer uses user interviews, surveys, and focus groups to understand the user’s needs and desires.

The data obtained is then fed into the design, and thus the product is created. Then further research is followed which includes usability testing, user testing, etc.

This is done to check if the product created falls into the line of user’s needs and demands. Results obtained are then added into the new set of design and thus the process continues.

UX Vs. UI Design
UX Design is better known as User Experience Design. UI Design is known as User Interface Design. Both of them are important and interlinked with each other.

But the functions of both of these designs are quite different. UX Design is analytical and technical field, whereas UI Design is more of a graphic design.

UX role can be defined as Part-marketer, part-designer, part-project manager. The major point here is to conduct a research and designing a product that meet the user needs and demands.

User Experience Design involves product development and improvement of quality.
User Experience Design also involves research, testing, development, content, and prototyping to test for quality results.
User Experience Design is a non-digital (cognitive science) practice, but this is used majorly by digital industries.
Why Should You Become a UX Designer?
UX Design Course_1

These days people use mobiles almost everywhere. Be it while booking a cab, standing in a line or even walking for an appointment. Usually, this duration is short and subjected to many kinds of limitations.

Many people only browse through the Internet but don’t make a purchase just because they are too much enamored of the feel and touch factor with offline purchases.

Businesses which have an application or website have a much better user satisfaction experience. This is very important in building the commercial brand and profitability. A successful UX design can go a long way.

Pay Check
There are a number of credible sources like UXDesignerSalaries which have evidence that UX designers are paid a handsome amount across the world (even as high as $97k in Switzerland).

As per the data at recruiting and HR company Brazen, UX design is highly demanding profession design field.

Also, research by DMI has shown that companies which invest in UX design has a value addition to the bottom line by 228% over others. And lastly, this job role is highly satisfying in nature.

Big Opportunities
Mobile devices are highly ubiquitous. Researches have shown that average smartphone users use their phone more than 75 times a day.

A recent study has shown that average users are engaged in 2,600 daily interactions with their phone which includes taps, swipes, and scrolls.

Also, average users spend 145 minutes a day using their phone which includes a number of short sessions (76 sessions a day on average). Some heavy mobile users are engaged in 130 sessions each day.

UX Touchpoints
UX design has been dominated by mass market phones and tablets since last 5 years. User experience engineering is equally integrated with the specialized technologies.

Companies have also started realizing that investment in better and integrated designer system will enhance their customer and staff experience level.

Lives Can Also Be Saved
Technology should be available to everyone. Advanced technologies also have human interface touching upon some of the basic aspects of our life.

Can you imagine doing online transactions, or buying groceries, paying electricity bills online and even voting online without the help of technology? UX design is known to help even elderly population or other vulnerable peoples.

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Future Can Be Shaped Through Internet
A number of consumer products are bought every day. Each of these products have a distinct need, goals and demands. UX designing can integrate commercial viability of such products with technology.

Adding Value To Business
A good UX design brings happy customers, very few complaints, more sales, less abandoned carts and much higher profit value. A strong UX design will also add value and quality to customer’s perception.

And this will lead to a positive brand image wherein the company will benefit as a whole.

Skills You Should Be Learning In A UX Course
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You Should Take At Least A Basic Coding Course
For many beginners, becoming a successful UX designer seems quite tough as they are yet not aware of how to do correct coding.

This problem arises partly because of the tight bonding between user experience and development.

The truth, however, remains that design and development are separate fields, and a programmer cannot delve into tasks which are separate from his domain.

Though, you are not expected to know coding, yet this is a useful skill for becoming a successful UX designer.

Let us understand it this way. You want to be an architect and design a building, but you would not be building it on your own.

Yet if you know how engineers do the same, you can use the information to comprehend future strategies and plans.

The same thing applies to UX designers. You are not the actual creators of the software. But if you know how it is built, you can use it to your advantage. It would be far easier for you to identify any problems, and find out solutions

Thankfully there are multiple courses online that can help you figure out this problem.

Learn How To Create Interactive Prototypes
This is one section which causes confusion to most beginners. They are of the opinion that if they don’t know how to code, they can’t create an interactive prototype.

But the fact is, you can create an interactive prototype without writing even a single line of coding. If you have the correct software, you can easily create one that is similar to a coded app.

Tools involved in prototyping are usually drag and drop, and that means you can quickly make any changes needed. Thus, even before you invest any money and time in the actual project, you can handle a couple of tasks easily.

Get To Grips With The Most Common UX Design Tools
There are many UX design tools, and each one of them has its own distinctive features. When you complete a good UX design course, you will be able to know how to make them work in your favor.

However, you must one thing in your mind that tools aren’t everything. Learning how to use them is not Sufficient.

You should know which tools are good for what you are designing. Most of the successful UX designers have at least one software they trust for tasks like design, flow charts, and wireframing.

Popular UX Design Tools
User Testing
Real User Testing And Research
An important aspect of a UX designer’s job is to do research and conduct user testing. This is the only way they can solve a user’s problem.

A UX designer has to test prototypes on the customers. They have to analyze the feedback provided by the customers.

Where are they facing glitches? Do they understand everything? How much time is being taken to accomplish important jobs? All such types of questions are answered by testing and research.

As soon as you find any problems with your design, you can figure out solutions and test them to see if they work. Keep repeating the process until you finally find out the perfect solution.

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Can You Learn UX Design Online?
UX Design Course_3

There are multiple resources, classes, and courses are available on the web that you can use to learn UI, UX and interaction design.

Considering its growth potential, UX design can be a nice investment that you can make. All that matters is choosing an option that is best suited for you.

Understand Online Learning Practices And Expectations
Online learning may not be an easy method, but it far more convenient to have an access to a good UX design course via online. You need to invest time, focus, commitment, and persistence.

Identify Your Learning Objectives And Goals
In order to keep your course on track, you have to decide first what you want to gain after completing the course. You would need answers to questions like:

Why are you studying this?
What do you want to gain out of this?
What is the ideal work you are looking for in the UX field?
What do you want to be: a user researcher, a UI designer, a service designer?
Enroll In The Course And Keep Checking On Your Learning Path To See How You’re Doing
You should now figure out what needs to be done. Either enroll in the courses at once or you can do them one by one. However, beginners should not go for advanced courses at once.

Do Not Overwhelm Yourself
It would be enticing to pick up many courses, but it is advisable to pursue what you can handle. Exceeding your limit may reduce efficiency. It is better to invest your time and energy in those courses best suited for you than trying to learn too many things.

Ask For Help When You Need It
Your inability to learn complex things may reduce your self -esteem, and you may even start thinking to quit the course.

No matter how good a learner you are, it always helps if you are getting proper guidance from experts. Discuss your problems with your peers and instructors.

Participate In Online Discussions
Internet is a thriving place for discussions, asking questions, showing your case, getting feedback. Moreover, you would realize that many people are in the same boat as you, and that would boost your thinking process.

UX Certificate Programs – Full Time And Long Term
UX Design Course_4

Nielsen Norman Group: UX and UX Master Certification
This exam-based program is called as the User Experience Certification Program. This is perfect for anyone who would like to have an expertise on their UX skill or learn new skills which are based on specialty and focus.

3 Options for UX Certification:

UX Certification
Specialty Recognition
UX Master Certification
UC San Diego Extension: User Experience (UX) Design Certificate
This online UX certification course is highly useful if you want to work on your foundation. This will help in working on your skills and improving your portfolio. You can learn the courses online as well as through the offline mode too. User Experience Design Immersive
If you want to quickly begin your career as an UX designer and you are ready to commit ten weeks for the same, then this is for you. Here you get to learn from some of the top people in the field. If you are lucky, then you can land up with a job too while you are completing this course.

San Francisco State University Extension: UX/UI Design Certificate
This is an offline course which you can avail at the SFSU’s downtown San Francisco campus. This is great for people who already are working in this UX design field and want to work on adding up some of the skills and knowledge.

University of Washington: User-Centered Design Certificate
This evening graduate course is offered at Seattle campus. This is a 13-credit program which can be completed in 1-year time. This is mostly for those who want to enhance their skills and competence in UX design field.

Human Factors International: Certified Usability Analyst or Certified User Experience Analyst
There are two different kinds of courses here. One is Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) track which is mostly for the beginners. Here you will get to know the skill set and experience required to excel in your profession. Second is the User Experience Analyst (CXA) track where experienced professionals can get to learn about the advanced skills in the field.

California State University at Fullerton: Certificate in User Experience and Customer-Centered Design
This is more of a user-centered experience. This course is available both through online medium or even in person too. But people staying outside California can face some restrictions and thus check the website for further details.

SMU: User Experience Design Certificate Program
It provides practical experience and trainings so that you can build your foundation. You will also get to work on visual and interface designing, and gain knowledge about marketing and product managers.

Part-Time And Shorter-Term UX Certificate Programs
UX Design Course_5

  1. The TeamW/Weinschenk Institute: UX Certificates There are three major certificates here and one of these courses will definitely help you in your career. The major focus here is on UX fundamentals, user testing, interaction design, user research, and more.

UX Certificate Strategy Concentration is for those who are into in this field and want to work on their skills and strategy.
Advanced UX Certificate is for people who want to get an insight into this field by none other than Dr. Weinschenk herself. If you want to register for Advanced UX Certificate, then you must first have an UX Certificate with The Team W.
Pre-recorded sessions of Dr. W is also available and can be bought. Even your corporate team training can be done with Dr. Weinschenk at an additional fee.

  1. University of Baltimore: Graduate Certificate in User Experience (UX) Design
    This is mostly for working professionals. Completing this course will give them an added advantage in the UX field. The course components include interaction design, information architecture, and usability analysis. This is entirely an online program.

  2. Udemy: The Ultimate Guide to Usability and UX
    This is perfect for people who want to gain solid foundation on this course but don’t have time or budget in hand.

Gain hands-on practice in all the key areas of UX — from interviewing your users through to prototyping and usability testing your designs.
Build a UX portfolio to boost your job prospects as you complete five real-world sample projects.
Gain industry-recognized certification by preparing for the BCS Foundation Certificate in User Experience.

  1. CareerFoundry: Certified UX Designer In this course you will:

Learn all of the skills, tools, and processes necessary to become a UX designer
Work with a Mentor who has over 8 years of industry experience and a Tutor for your day-to-day feedback
Build an impressive portfolio out of the real-world projects you complete on the course
Receive tailored coaching from our Career Services team to ensure you stand out at interviews

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