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Contributing to Telescope


Telescope is an open source that combines both web server and client application showing blogs of all Seneca's student who are joining open source class. It is not only a way for Seneca students to contribute to, but a website that people can see the thoughts, journeys of them in the open source world. Contributing to Telescope made me feel happy.


My task was getting the number of posts through posts service and displaying it to our newest dashboard page. I used fetch to get the data from the posts service. The data returned back was from the header of the fetch:
Image description
This file will connect to the index.html which will be shown up to the website:
Image description
Another important thing was that I needed to add a cors feature to Satellite options in order to get the header from the fetch:
Image description


Since I completely new to this project, so for the first time, setting up everything was tough. Installing Docker took me almost 3 days, and to run the website locally, I had to read the documents as well as asking some other people in Telescope project. After everything worked, I sent a Pull Request and this was a big deal for me. I had to fix a lot of things related to the design and files structure. Also I faced many issues related to pushing and rebasing that made me have to aborted and re-made my commits over and over again. After all, everything ran smoothly and all the requests of changes have been accepted.

Final thought

Although this project was very tough and complicated, I learnt a lot and understood more deeply the concept of Git as well as Cors and Content Security Policy. Also, it made me more confident to contribute more features to Telescope in the future.


Telescope repo:

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