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OSD600 Static Site Generator (Release 0.1)

OSD600 Static Site Generator(osdssg) allows users to generate HTML file(s) from raw data and files. This tool will run by using the command-line.


  • JavaScript

Supporting packages:

  • yargs
  • node-html-parser


  • Generating an HTML file from user's file input.
  • Generating HTML file(s) from user's folder input (Each file inside the directory will generate 1 HTML file).
  • File(s) generated will be stored inside new created "dist" directory.
  • "dist" folder will renew every time a new command-line executed (Old file(s) will be deleted and new file(s) will be added).
  • Creating a title inside head tag and transforming the first line of the text to h1 tag.
  • Creating stylesheet link tag if users use --stylesheet or -s flag.

-v,--version: Show current version of osdssg
-h,--help: Display all options available
-i,--input: Input file or directory and generate HTML file(s)


git clone
cd OSD600-SSG
npm install // install all the packages required
npm link // link my-command file with package.json so that you can use the osdssg command
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osdssg -i <file's location> // (If file name has whitespaces, put it into a double quote e.g: osdssg -i "Silver Blaze.txt")
osdssg --input <directory's location> // Read all files inside and creates html files for each
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Example 1:

  • Generate an .txt file into .html file. You can see that the "Silver Blaze.txt" is inside the root folder. Alt Text As a result, index.html is created inside "dist" directory with new title and a h1 text at the top of the body tag. Alt Text

Example 2:

  • Generate all files inside a directory into HTML files with stylesheet link added. "dir1" is inside the root folder

  • New files are generated inside "dist" (old index.html has been removed) and link tag has been added to each html file.
    Alt Text

Note: This is first version of the program so it may contain some errors. If you catch some, feel free to contact me.

Repo link:

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