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Hung Nguyen
Hung Nguyen

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Planning for last release


In this release I will choose to add a new feature to a current project. The first thing came up in my mind was finding an issue that would require me to create a new component or a page. I went to Github and spent nearly 1 hour to find one. At the moment, I have chose 2 issues to work on. They they were both interesting


The prop named justify was deprecated, so I what I would do was replacing all of them with justifyContent instead.
I already created a pull request to Telescope so I had everything set up for the project. This will not really complicated for me, but who knows what is going to happen because there might be bugs or at the time I am dealing with the issue, there may be someone's PR gets merged and there will be conflict.

Code Peak

This one was more interesting since I would be adding a new design for the website, the leaderboard. Because the website had a lot of pages that were already designed, finding and making a new appearance for the leaderboard page will be challenging. Everything needs to match together. What I would do is going to the internet to find some template to get inspired. And also this is the first time I have seen this project so it might take me sometimes to get used to the code and have everything set up.

Last thought

I am ready for the challenge. It seems challenging and will take time but I am excited to get into work.

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