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Progress for release 0.4

Telescope's issue


Started by running into an issue related to fetching from mainstream. Somehow there was an unwanted bug related to the packages. I tried to remove the node_modules folder and re-installed all the packages. Unfortunately, I did not go well, so I decided to re-fork the repo and start everything again. By following the instruction from Telescope's Github, I managed to run the site locally, but it took me nearly an hour to do so. The issue was really simple, I just had to modify all properties named justify to justifyContent. What I did was going to the search option of Visual Studio Code and search all the names of justify and changed them to justifyContent.
Image description
(This was after the change, but this picture will help you to understand how searching in Visual Studio Code works)
I submitted an PR after that and it got accepted.

Codepeak's issue


This issue was challenging since it was more related to designing. I will leave it for my final week. But for now, I will take a look at some templates to get inspired. The hardest part is that the design of the leaderboard should match the design of the site in general, this might include the color, alignment, etc. The owners of the project added me to their Discord so I will send them the design first before touching the coding part.

Final thought

So that is it for the second week. I cannot wait to see what issues I will have and what interesting things I will face next week.

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