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Testing for Static Site Generator

Testing for OSDSSG

New testing system has been added to OSD600-SSG. This feature will be beneficial for the current developers to prevent bugs that might happen and for future contributers who would like to test the tool.


Jest is a JavaScript testing framework that allow you to write approachable API that gives quick results. Its syntax is simple and new user-friendly. On top of that, Jest does not require complicated configuration which will let you do the tests faster.

Set up

To install:
npm install --save-dev jest
In package.json I create a script that will jest called test so test can be run by:

npm run test 

npm run test <folder name or file name>
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Note: Before create any test, create a folder name test and put test files to it.


I created a new branch called testing. After setting up Jest, I created 2 big tests, one that would test command-line that users pass in the terminal, and the other one would test the function that convert markdown files. I wrote my test as details as possible. Example, I wrote tests for every if-else:
Image description
Also provided a lot of input type (null, 1-line, multiple lines) for testing the markdown converter function:
Image description
This helped me a lot since I realized that I made a lot of mistakes, one of those was in my if statement (&& instead of ||). After all tests were passed, I commit and push my final version to main.



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