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6 essentials tips for VueJs from 2.5 years experience #1

Thank you @codeozz .

How to write a good commit message

Thank you, short and very clear.

My Favorite CLI Tools

It's awesome post, Sebastian.

The Junior Developer Survival Guide: three pillars for success

What a great post! Thank you, Amanda.

How to Prepare for a Technical Phone/Video Interview

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The DEV Team Just Got Bigger!

Welcome and congrats to all the new members of Dev Team.

Visual Studio Code extensions to help your productivity

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Goodbye 2019! Hello 2020 Holy Shit!

Thanks for your hard works in tough time, Jaime. :D

Font Awesome guide and useful tricks you might not know about.

Great post, thank you Kiss Patrik.

The beauty of Functional Programming

Thanks Fanny for informative explanation.

5 Front-End Predictions and Trends for 2020

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Understanding positioning in CSS

Great article, thanks Chen Hui Jing.

7 NPM Commands that will help you save time

Thanks for your típ Agney. :D

CSS Layout: A collection of popular layouts and patterns made with CSS

Thanks Phuoc for the hard works.

25 Days of CSS Animations: Teaching Myself CSS through Motion Design.

It's so cool lessons, Tee. Thanks a lot for sharing with us...

5 Powerful Programming Languages to Stretch Your Brain

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22 Miraculous Tools for React Developers in 2019

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8 Coding Games to Improve and Level Up Your Programming Skills

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Fetching data from an api using React/Redux

Hey Markus, thanks a lot for your guide. Great post!

How To Boost Your Productivity & Get Sh*t Done

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User Authentication with Next.js

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The Best Way to Advance Your Career

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Show off your stickers!

Your focusing point is excellent, man.

Show off your stickers!

Here's mine ;)

🎁💝DevTo CLI💝🎁: A Valentine's Day Gift To My Favorite People

Great, thanks for your work.

The DEV Team is growing!

That's awesome news. I'm fan of you both. Do your best!!!

Use the full power of Your Brain to be a Better Developer 🧠❤️👩🏻‍💻

Thank you very much for this article. It's really helpful f...

19 Tips For Software Engineers In 2019

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First commercial game reaching early access in a week!

Congrats Jeff!

Today I learned: how to generate music with Sonic Pi!

It's awesome. Thanks Fen for introduce to us.

Quick tip: How to make HTTP requests (Dart)

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Create your developer landing page with GitHub Pages 🎉

Did mine at -

Create your developer landing page with GitHub Pages 🎉

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My Mac Setup

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