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Premium multi layout Jekyll theme

  • Premium theme using Jekyll version 4.1.2 & Bootstrap 5
  • Multipurpose (multiple homepage layouts)
  • Fully ready for production within minutes
  • Responsive, SEO Friendly, and Mobile optimized
  • Step by step documentation

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  • Three homepage designs which you can choose from
  • Easily create and use your own Bootstrap designs
  • Includes multiple blog posts and frontpage as sample content
  • Customizable through config files and properties:
  • show/hide authors
  • show/hide dates
  • show/hide social integrations
  • show/hide watermark
  • show/hide selected posts on the front page
  • change footer color
  • Has Authors, Posts, Categories features
  • Supports multiple image sizes for fast loading
  • Lightbox and Image galleries support
  • Code snippets highlight
  • Git helper scripts (.bat) for easy GIT interaction
  • Jekyll helper scripts (.bat) to easily build or start HTTP server locally
  • 100% Responsive
  • Many SEO features; Open Graph protocol; using Microdata; meta tags
  • No dependency on external resources
  • Track your visitors with Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics integration
  • YouTube and other video website support for embedded videos
  • Pinterest integration
  • Links and icons to other social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Medium, TikTok, Pinterest (hidden if not needed)
  • Search feature
  • Clean code
  • Favicons for all types of devices
  • .htaccess redirects with HTTPS support
  • Minimized HTML CSS and JS code on build for super speed
  • Sitemap with latest modification date
  • RSS feed
  • Great documentation and support in max. 48 hours
  • Easy to upgrade Jekyll and Bootstrap version
  • Easy to deploy, customize and extend

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