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re: Out of curiosity what does your domain ends with? I'm not super familiar with netlify, but I would first connect to the server to make sure site i...

The domain i bought ends with .dev extension but netlify provide a site link after deployment so you can be able to customise the purchased domain to the live site.

They reach out to me, the lady is making an accuse that i used a gmail account but i reach out to her with a hotmail account, now she want to transfer ownership to my hotmail account. But that doesn't even solve my problem unless i will be able to set up to new server and stuff


yup if your domain ends in dev is most likely an issue with not being setup for https most tech support don't know about this since is a browser implementation.

You'll need security cert, and open port on 443. + reverse proxy for production of course.

Read more on this here.


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