Netlify DNS issue!

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I recently finished developing my portfolio using Angular8, and then yesterday i did register for a domain with netlify which costed about $16.99
after registration it did gave me those option to setup the A , CNAME, AAA records but i was still busy with some functionality of my portfolio. So i'd just brushed it off that i will do all that set up once i am done fixing the error on the IDE. So now i've deployed my site, the site is live but got an error when i clicked on its link' error : "Page not found, Looks like you've followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn't exist on this site. " '

I have reached to out to support, its been almost 5 hours without any response

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Out of curiosity what does your domain ends with?

I'm not super familiar with netlify, but I would first connect to the server to make sure site is up with localhost, then check firewall status and make sure that port is open. Then check nginx or whatever you are using for reverse proxy to make sure your site is open.

This is my normal flow with digital ocean droplets, which is just a linux server.

Also as a side note to my initial question, some endings like app or dev only work in secure https so you'll need to deploy a security cert and run your website on 443 rather than 80.

PS: Customer Support take a while sometimes a day or two.


The domain i bought ends with .dev extension but netlify provide a site link after deployment so you can be able to customise the purchased domain to the live site.

They reach out to me, the lady is making an accuse that i used a gmail account but i reach out to her with a hotmail account, now she want to transfer ownership to my hotmail account. But that doesn't even solve my problem unless i will be able to set up to new server and stuff


yup if your domain ends in dev is most likely an issue with not being setup for https most tech support don't know about this since is a browser implementation.

You'll need security cert, and open port on 443. + reverse proxy for production of course.

Read more on this here.


It’s not really clear what the problem is here. Are you sure that the domain you bought is in the domain section of the Netlify control panel?


Maibe you need to conect to a server to deploy your Page checkout if you charge source path of your project

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