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How to be the best software developer

How to be the best software developer. Look like I’m a genius from Stanford or Harvard university, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg. But they aren’t still in my definition.
Mark had to learn Python when he was a billionaire. Steve Jobs was designer
We don’t need to go to school to become the best developer.
I may have different unique ideas connecting knowledge between the Eastern and Western. I’m a philosopher and linguist. I’m still improving myself to become the best.

If you wanna be better at something, you must have more the concepts
If you wanna master something, you must spend 10,000 hours of practice.
That is why the time period of studying at university is often 4 years.

I spent 5 years mastering English in Vietnam country where people don’t speak English. I still can speak English like native speakers.
If you are a software developer and can’t speak English well, you are a joke. Most developers in Vietnam only can understand 50% of what they are reading.
You can learn English, mathematics and some basic knowledge in 4 years. You can read books from school and university.

Now you begin to learn software. Do you only learn PHP or Ruby to find a job? It’s a common mistake. You need to learn 10 programming languages. It takes 4 years.
Most developers in Vietnam learn a language in 1 week or 1 month to build a garbage website. We should learn a language at least in 6 months carefully.
Not like English which includes most of concepts on the world, Each programming language only deals with some special functions such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript for the front-end, Ruby on Rails or PHP to connect database, Python for machine learning, AI, Erlang for real system, Java for compiling, NoSQL and SQL for database.
Now can you find a job?, Yes, you can but you aren’t the best developer.
You can code at 14 years old. The software company will hire you but the customer can’t. Your career is limited by the name: “PHP developer”, like most graduates. The customer doesn’t care what language you are using.

You spend 4 years building some business models: social network, e-commerce, fintech. Now the interviewers can ask you: “do you have experiences?”. Yes, you have 4 years of experience. You can find a job or you can set up a company. What’s up to you.
If you don’t wanna work at 18 years old, you can learn another field like economy and finance.

You should believe that you can master something in 4 years of practice. Like me, after 3 years, I still don’t speak English well but in the fourth year, I can speak English about business and software like this time.
So you don’t have time to go to school and university like Stanford or Harvard and lose a bunch of money.
Some students like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberge dropped out of college because there are very few new things to learn.
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