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re: Do you script exactly what you are going to say ahead of time? What else is in the text? Code samples? Screenshots (how do you manage those)? I’m i...

I script out everything word for word, and keep nothing more than what I plan to say in that file.

Then I'll read it a couple of times before I'm ready to record it, and while recording I keep it visible off camera but use it as more of a super detailed bullet list.

The script helps me organize my thoughts because that part of my brain that can just wing 10 hours of technical content without missing a beat doesn't exist.

I keep all code samples separate and when it comes to slides, in my older courses I used powerpoint, but nowadays I use the tools available in my video editor to create slides directly in the video timeline.


Thank you for this insight. I’ll often do similar if I’m speaking in public. My course is non technical so it has different requirements. I suppose creating the slides has a similar role for me. I admire your thoroughness and dedication.

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