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Discussion on: What are the best options on the market for external computer monitors?

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Nick Taylor (he/him) • Edited

I bought the BenQ 27" FHD 60Hz 4ms GTG LED Monitor (GW2760HL) from Best Buy Canada. I've been pretty happy with it. It has HDMI, VGA, DVI ports, headphone jack and built-in speakers (so, so, but I don't use them). I got it on sale in the fall of 2017 for I believe 200$ CDN before tax. The price has gone up a bit, but Best Buy Canada still has it at a decent price of 229$ CDN and change before tax.

I plan on wall mounting it eventually, but if you don't plan on wall mounting it, you may not like the fact that the height is not adjustable. You can only angle it back.

I find it a good size. I use multiple desktops on macOS to toggle through my main apps I'm using, so it works well with my dev workflow.

Having said that, I'm thinking about maybe getting a 32" monitor as I generally have my Mac in closed-clamshell mode.

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MetaDave πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί

BenQ seems to be great value. We have a couple of them, and if you don't want a lot of bells'n'whistles then the image is great.

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Valentin Pearce

I've got the 24" inch variant which was quite an improvement from my 13" laptop. with 2 HDMI ports and 1 VGA it's great value for money.