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Discussion on: What's your favorite editor/terminal color scheme?

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Nick Taylor (he/him) • Edited

I use VS Code and was using Cobalt2 as a theme and going between it and Dracula. For the terminal, I'm on fish shell and use the Agnoster theme when using Cobalt2 and the Joker Theme when using Dracula in my editor.

However, recently, I switched to the Night Owl theme in my editor.

I've been using Fira Code for quite some time now as I'm a big fan of its font ligatures, but recently I purchased Dank Mono. I never thought I'd pay for a font, but I just think it's 🔥!

So here's my latest screenshot of my editor/terminal

Nick's editor screenshot

Nick's terminal screenshot

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Guillaume Martigny

Fira is the best!

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Zeke Hernandez

I've never considered moving the explorer to the right. I'm gonna try that!