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re: Thanks Nick for the tip series. I've started dabbling TypeScript with React recently and found the migration quite rough. Main reason being that ...

Ahh, I see what happened. When my post from my site got loaded into, it stripped javascript from my markdown, hence no highlighting. Fixed it for you.

Check out my older post on TypeScript for some good resources (I updated it again last fall), Consider Using TypeScript. Offhand though James Henry's course is great, TypeScript Fundamentals (free). There is also a pro course there too that I'd recommend. If you have an subscription, check out this course once you're a little more conmfortable with TypeScript, Advanced Static Types in TypeScript


Thank you for the resources, Nick.
(Yes! I do have an Egghead subscription~ 💖)

I need to build up my TypeScript fundamental foo first to before trying to learn TypeScript for React first 🙂 (had that problem with React as I was trynna learn with Redux thus couldn't learn either initially 😅).

If you ever want to pair on some TypeScript/TypeScript+React, let me know and we can book some time together. We're both Eastern time, so shouldn't be too difficult.

Thank you, Nick~ 🤜

Would Twitter be a good way to contact in later time?

Yeah, DM me and or ping me on connect and we can set something up.

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