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Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

It's a sad and happy day. I'm leaving my awesome co-workers from Shotgun but new beginnings Monday. All that to say, my big win this week is all the kind words my co-workers sent to me on my last day. I just want to leave some here because they meant a lot to me.

I also think it's great to acknowledge positives for the times when you doubt yourself.

  • "From the first day you joined our team you were asking questions, challenging assumptions and generally making a nuisance of yourself. Less than 2 weeks later you were improving everyone’s workflows and going above and beyond as a customer advocate. And you just didn’t stop. Thanks for all you’ve done, and for setting such a high bar for others to follow."

  • "I’d like to second xxx’s sentiments, Nick…
    I think in the months to come, more and more folks will realize what a driving force and passion was lost with you leaving…
    I’ll be in your Twitter DM’s soon enough!"

  • "Dude! Nick, will miss you man. Thanks for all the love and effort you put into making Shotgun better. I especially appreciate you banging on the conditional permissions UI for us, above and beyond the call of duty for sure. 😊 Best of luck in your next gig!"

  • "Nick Taylor!!! You will be missed for sure. Not only will Shotgun miss your incredible ninja skillz but you’re just awesome to work with. We’ll be rooting for you (and secretly hoping you come back sooner than later) 😊"

  • "Nick! Remember that awesome pic you sent me over Slack? It’s going into my blackmail time capsule for a rainy day. Just kidding 😊. I’m confident that your new outfit will quickly realize that they’ve hit the jackpot with you. It’s been a real pleasure learning from you."

Shotgun fam, you are awesome, thanks for the kind words and I will miss you all.