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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor

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Repurposing Content for Content Creation

So I've been streaming on Twitch since July 2020, blogging, and given some talks. To keep on with the "learning in public" theme and content creation, I've started a podcast called Nick's Cuts,

So what is it all about?

A podcast that is mainly tech related. It's conversations I've had on my Twitch stream,, with awesome people and maybe some other things.

That's the TL; DR. It's not exactly the Swyx Mixtape format from Shawn Wang, @swyx, but I did take inspiration from it.

Another reason I started the podcast is to continue my content creation journey. I work full-time as an engineer, so my time for content creation is limited to some degree. I stream during my lunch hour and do editing in the evenings when I have time.

Aside from saving me time from creating new content, repurposing content allows me to expand the reach of some of my content. For example, some friends can't always catch my Twitch streams.

I also put time into editing my transcripts because even the transcripts can become content. For example, I used the transcript from a highlight from one stream as a blog post.

I'm still no pro at content creation, but folks in the space do like the concept of repurposing content.

I even came across a post about this topic from my co-worker Jason Lengstorf, a little while back titled Turn 1 piece of dev content into 10+ — use the buffalo stick.

If you're a content creator, I'm curious about what your thoughts are on this or what other strategies you have for content creation.

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Leonardo Montini

Thank you for the post and good idea on the podcast!

As a rather new creator I immediately saw the huge value in repurposing my existing content, making it available to a wider audience, so here's my personal experience:

I have a full time job as well, so time for content creation is limited and we should try to make the most out of it. In my specific case, my primary target is YouTube, which means video content.
However, I usually try to save the notes/script and edit them a little bit turning them into an article I can share here on Dev.
The video can be also cut in short clips thatn can be shared as YouTube Shorts or in other social media such as Instagram or TikTok.

This means I can put 95% of my focus on creating the primary content (as a video) and with the remaining 5% I get an article and a few short clips for those who don't like long-form video content.

I haven't reached big numbers yet, but the growth is steady and I think repurposing is helping a lot!

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Nick Taylor

That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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Mia Moore

Repurposing content is key, especially for those of us that aren't creating content full-time!

I appreciate being able to see a concept/idea in different formats (video vs. blog vs. shortform video vs. audio). And, back when I did videos/blogging more frequently, it's helpful for SEO purposes to have a blog version of your video as well :)

As a small example, I've been streaming lately, and decided to start uploading my VODs to YouTube. It's not the way I prefer to consume livestreams, but I figured it is for some folks, plus it's nice to have an archive.

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Nick Taylor

Yeah, I pop my streams on YouTube too. Thanks for sharing Mia!