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Nick Taylor on February 28, 2019

Have you created a Gatsby site that you're proud of? It could be for a client or just your personal site. Either way, you can submit it to the Gats... [Read Full]
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Didn't know anyone can submit their own Gatsby sites to Gatsby's showcase...!
Getting Gatsby socks and appearing in Gatsby's showcase, I would say that's great motivation to encourage developers :)

Thanks for sharing!


I was one of the earliest contributors to showcase when it was only a test based list. Happy to report now I have my own site in the showcase → — would love your feedback.


Nice. Didn't realize you did your site in Gatsby. Cool stuff.


P.S. just checked your site. I was sold at the color "Purple" :) 🦄


I did. Big fan of Gatsby and a core contributor who's leaning more and more towards Gatsby.js after spending a decade building/making the WordPress software.


This is great, thanks, I was totally unaware of this. Probably means I didn't read a readme somewhere, know, it's what I didn't do :)


I'm still baffled as to how using React for static sites like this makes any kind of sense whatsoever


Because Gatsby is not just a "static site builder", by leveraging React and Graphql you can build powerful web apps while taking advantage of static rendering and using JAMstack approach if you like.


That doesn't really answer my question. Your answer is akin to saying you can use a Cray supercomputer to add 1+1 because it's not just a calculating machine, it can also model planetary weather systems.

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