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Leadership in times of crisis

As we enter uncharted waters in our workplaces, many delving into working remotely for the first time, we as leaders must step up to the circumstances and lead.

In these times of uncertainty we must ensure that we maintain an ongoing, open, and honest communication with and within our team.

Most of us are used to work colocated, where we can just pop up to a colleague's desk to ask a question or discuss a problem. And even though we have likely been using online chat applications like Slack, MS Teams, or the like, we know that those are not the right forums for nuanced conversations.

Everyday, as we have our daily forum (standup is a loaded word for me), I remind my team to jump on a video call to discuss the work at hand with each other. We have the tools to make this work, it's just a case of forming a new habit.

Forming habits, and breaking habits, is hard, so our job is to help our teams form the habits that will make them succeed in these times of crisis.

So what's the most important habit we need to help our teams develop?


How are you leading your team to succeed? I look forward to hear and learn from your insights!

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