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Managing individual’s expectations

You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometime you just might find. You get what you need.

Managing teams of high skilled software engineers can be challenging. Particularly when their expectations are not met

Sometimes it feels like a zero sum game. They can’t all get what they want all the time. Finding alignment, or even compromises, is tedious work at the best of times

The real problem arises when individuals can’t get past their views and ideas not being chosen and adopted. Now we are in dangerous territory.

Everybody’s voices must be heard. And their concerns addressed. But beyond that, we must be able to commit and move on.

So what are we to do when an individual digs it’s heels, or continuously re litigates decisions.

Mentoring and coaching should be the first tools we reach out for. Helping these individuals grow and become better engineers.

If our efforts don’t bring a satisfactory outcome, then we must coach the individual to a role better suited to its skills and interests.

It’s hard work. Emotionally taxing. And never pleasant. But is the role I’ve chosen.


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