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Just starting my journey with coding!

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Bachelors Degree in Mathematics

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You and Me Learn All About HTTP with Safia Abdalla

It was so informative! Thanks!

Using Cognitive Services and Mario Kart to Create "Astrology" with Chloe Condon

I'm looking forward to this! It sounds so interesting!

Working Smarter: 5 Steps To Getting Unstuck with Rukia Sheikh-Mohamed

Love that, "survivor of the first 6 months of 2020" lol

Why Forem is Special with Ben Halpern

Didn't expect to get (kinda) rick rolled here lol

We're DigitalOcean and we're excited to be here with you!

I'm just beginning my coding journey so this is my first conf...

The Cost of Data with Vaidehi Joshi

I usually don't think about this part so this will be interes...

Compete For Glory In An IoT Tug-Of-War!

Go blue!

🤗 LaunchDarkly is proud to be here at Codeland!

Loved this!

Freedom of Security with Paula de la Hoz

This is something new to me but the demo makes it look very i...

An Introduction To IoT with Joe Karlsson

I was just thinking that! lol

To Kill a Working Drone: Flying drones with Twitter, Bananas and WebAPIs with Lucky Nkosi

Love the slide images!

Salary Negotiation for People That Hate To Negotiate with Josh Puetz

So looking forward to this, I really need to work on this!

Being Utterly Fearless in Your Pursuit of Learning to Code with Alex Morton

Love this so much!

Hi CodeLand! We're Microsoft and we want to empower you to do more.

My Learn Profile:

Printing floating point numbers with Gargi Sharma

I haven't figured out how to check in either!

Printing floating point numbers with Gargi Sharma

Love the dragon fun fact

Live Exploiting Your Open Source Dependencies with Brian Vermeer

As a beginner, this is all new to me but glad I'm learning it...

The Art of Programming with Erika Heidi

Love how colorful all of the slides are!

What I learned from 6 years of building CodeNewbie

Mine as well!