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Back in the days you had Mailbox (

This app was all about zero-inbox and a great feature where you could "Snooze" an email so it would be temporarily removed from your inbox. You could tell at which point in future you wanted this email to reappear in your inbox, like tomorrow, next week, certain date or someday..

Unfortunately this app isn't alive anymore, but other "new" mailclients have implemented this feature in some way..

You could make additional folders in your mailclient to act like this snooze-feature. For example, make a folder for every day of the week. So on a certain day open that folder and handle all the emails in it... Or move them to the next day ;)

I'm still in search for a good alternative for Mailbox which works on osx, ios & android. If someone has a suggestion, please let us know!

Cheers, Nico

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