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Discussion on: Learning React? Start Small.

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Learn React here:
About the process of being productive in REACT.JS:

1) Learning only ReactJS doesn't make sense in 2016

Generally, React must be paired with Redux in order to make a functional single-page-app, the right way (or other similar solutions like MobX or CerebralJS).

When learning only React has sense? When you have an Angular/Ember/etc app where you want to add a single React component - I don't see other use cases where you shall learn only React.

2) You can be productive in less than 7 days

Do you have experience in making web apps in other technologies like jQuery/Angular etc? Then, in most cases you will be productive and hireable in React+Redux in less than 7 days if you will follow the instructions about how to learn it, below.

3) What do you need to know about EcmaScript 6 (ES6) and JavaScript

Topics and resources that may help you to master your foundation before learning React:

Higher-order functions
JavaScript Arrays in Depth (Map)
Reduce Data with Javascript Array
ES6/ES7 syntax