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Discussion on: Deploy Your React App To Heroku

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Nitin Patel

You forgot one important step I beleive.

Before deploying the app go to:
Heroku dashboard > settings > buildpacks > add buildpacks and then add

Or, in command line you can do

heroku buildpacks:set

If you don't do this step, heroku will deploy the development build (which is slow) of your react app instead of the optimized production build.

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Sameer Katija

Well, ThankYou Nitin. I wasn't able to upload, but your comment worked Thanks buddy, <3

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Nobu • Edited

I really appreciate you!
 Finally, I deployed my app to Heroku correctly.

Before deploying, I spent almost 5 hours.

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Guess you never heard of Billie Eilish well then, check this out

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Yes, build pack is required for create-react-app template (static sites).

In Heroku dashboard, under settings> buildpack - I changed from node build pack to and then react static web page started working (or buildpack can be set via Heroku CLI also).

If your app is involving, node backend , then checkout