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Front-End Web Developer with JavaScript, ReactJs and Backend Python(Django)

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Make Your React Apps Responsive with a Custom Hook

The problem is if the user not resizes their window like a mo...

8 JavaScript Tips & Tricks That No One Teaches πŸš€

Array.from({length: 10}, (a,b)=> console.log(b)) instant o...

7 extensions you must use in Visual Studio Code

most of the extensions are built-in but thanks for your post

What would you do -except coding- if you had more free time?

your content always help to grow

Build Url Shortener API In Django - Redis

import redis Import 'redis' could not be solved from resourc...

10 VS Code emmet tips to make you more productive

Great, that's why VS is great. .btn-group>.btn.btn-primary...

Tell us about the Black technologists that inspire you!

Happy black history 2021

8 Things I wish I knew as a Junior Developer

very informative article for a junior developer, carry on

The name is Script, JavaScript

Good article and fun to read, carry on

Deploy NodeJS/Express app to Heroku in less than 5 Minutes 🎯(with video)

ok, thanks for your kind.

Convert console.log() to print() in javascript

yes, this also works. but. Thanks for your advice.

Deploy NodeJS/Express app to Heroku in less than 5 Minutes 🎯(with video)

Hi, brother. can you make python(Django) deploy to Heroku if ...

Drawing Santa Claus in CSS

Perfect, keep it up

JavaScript import export module features Tutorials


Drawing a Witch with HTML and CSS

if you do some animation with css like something moving it wi...

A simple way of adding dark mode to your React app using Hooks and saving it to the local storage

good, keep up. nice work but if you include bootstrap to togg...

ReactJS Roadmap πŸ—Ί For Developers πŸ’»

everything you added there will be missing and updating day a...

Full Stack Developer's Roadmap πŸ—Ί

no sleeping, just coding and coding == full stack goal


checking one by one, perfect coding challenge.

How to create Javascript Scrollspy (Vanilla Js Tutorial)

hi, can you explain a little more what do you mean new observ...

Front_END Web developer Roadmap

if you write more you still see something missing there. for ...

How to Make Extra Money as a Programmer

your final thoughts touch my heart. Consistency is a must.

Does not remember git commands a bad thing?

if you stuck anywhere just search on google. We are human not...

5 best practices for clean coding in JavaScript

It's really awesome guidelines keep up man.

console.log("My First Post")

keep up learning, keep up posting

10 Things To Know As A Fullstack Developer πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘„πŸ‘οΈ

It's very useful content for me.

Drawing a cartoon character with CSS

you replace the svg with css

Facebook navbar design

Hi mate, sure, I will make navbar like stay with me

SpaceX and JavascriptπŸš€

They might be used tensorflow js

20+ Awesome websites built with React.js

great review, the reactjs will more popular I hope.

How to disable youtube iframe video right click copy video url option?

thanks for the comment, I need the concept if it is possible ...

Corona Virus Live Update ReactJs Application


Corona Virus Live Update ReactJs Application

hi, thanks. here is the api

How to use toggle outside of class component render and toggle inside variable reactjs?

I think, you do not understand properly. now think, I want ...

How to use toggle outside of class component render and toggle inside variable reactjs?

I want to use toggle inside myKey function see codesandbox....

Make Flying Airplane Using CSS Animation

canvas or svg is good than css designing. Thanks your tutor...

ReactJs UI Shopping Cart with reactjs hook

Thanks, though I was confused those two word

How to deploy React App to GitHub Pages

After I deploy the application and I make some change but I...

CSS Animations

make some more css animation effect, and what is your conce...

Welcome Thread - v58

Hello, I am Nikhil Roy. I am learning ReactJs with Javascri...

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