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7 steps to design a website covered in a web designing course

What are the steps to design a website covered in a web designing course?
A web designing course outlines the 7 steps to design a website. They are:

  1. Goal identification A web designing course would tell one that this is the first step . It is where the designer works collectively with the client to form new goals for the website. It would mostly cater to what is the purpose of the website. So, a web designing course trains a designer for this huge step.
  2. Outlining of scope for the project The second step for focus of a designer would be to outline the scope of the project. A web designing course would give some parameters for the scope. They include what would be the different web pages and features required by the website to accomplish a specific goal. In addition to that, they would include a particular timeline for building a website. Learn more about these in a web designing course.
  3. Sitemap and wireframe creation
    A web designing course would then tell one how to go ahead with sitemap and wireframe creation. Designers would then have to start creating the sitemap .After that, they start outlining how the content and features will correlate with each other. These were the same features that were defined in the scope definition by a web designing course.
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  4. Creation of content
    A web designing course would then move on to creation of content once they have created a picture of the website. Once they have done this, they can start the process of content creation for individual pages. At the same time, they have to apply search engine optimization to keep webpages concentrated on a specific topic. Also, one needs to have content for the next stage. One can get SEO tips in a web designing course.

  5. Visual elements
    Once the web designing course would teach one the creation of sitemap and content, they start working on the visual brand. It may be already structured from the client’s perspective but the designer may outline the visual style from the beginning. Learn design tips from a web designing course.

  6. Testing
    The sixth step taught by a web designing course would be to test whether the site is in working condition

  7. Launching the website

The students from a web designing course are successful when their elements are working perfectly and then can execute their launch.

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