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What's your toolkit for acing Hackathons?

Like many of the folks in this community, I love hacking. It lets me experiment in a low-pressure environment and learn new technologies without worrying about long-term viability.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about how I can be a more effective hacker—what tools can I use to expedite the "boring" stuff (infrastructure, auth, backend code to glue together a datastore, etc.) so that I can maximize time spent on the stuff that differentiates my project.

I'm wondering what tools other people use to get them going and save time during hackathons. Here's my list for context:

  • Firebase (auth, NoSQL database)
  • React (frontend framework)
  • Gatsby or Create React App, depending on how much of my site can be static (boilerplate, frontend dev experience)
  • Netlify (hosting/deployment, serverless function deployment)

Anyone have anything else that they love using?

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sairajsawant profile image
Sairaj Sawant

Kommunicate for DialogFlow integration!

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Shadab Majid Shaikh

Backend starter kit for node.js and express.js