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React sexy easy boilerplate

hi guys .
have you ever been worried about creating a SSR react boilerplate with every UI Kits or state managements? 😓
yes,it was my challenge,to handle this boilerplates.
every time,i had to clone a repo and use npm i,it was not very important,the most important thing was populating experiences of expert react developers in my projects.
for this reasons,i decided to develop a package named "React easy boilerplate". 😁 😁
a CLI package to moderate and generate easy boilerplates for your Reactjs projects. 😋 😋
it is very easy to use.
this package has four UIKits

  • jss
  • material-ui
  • postcss
  • ant design

and two state managements

  • context api
  • redux

for now,redux is enable with postcss and jss,as it's UI kit.

the other boilerplates will be ready as soon as we can.

I hope it is useful and can help you to generate easy SSR boilerplates.

github 💓 💓

react easy boilerplate


npm i -g react-easy-boilerplate


1- run the command below on cmd or terminal

$ react-easy-boilerplate

2- cd to your project folder

3- run commands below :

npm run start:dev   // run development server
npm run build:prod //build production 
npm run start:prod  // run production server (ssr)


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