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Antonio Radovcic
Antonio Radovcic

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(Updated) Minimal Gatsby-Starter with REST-Api

UPDATED, here's the original post

Hi peeps,

I'm looking for an article, example or tutorial to get a minimal Gatsby-Site started, with JSON-data from a public REST-Api (like a list of Marvel-Heroes from their Api, with a detail-page for each).


At first I thought it would be much more complicated to wire up a custom REST-API to Gatsby.

Turns out it's not that hard. I followed the steps on this Stack-Overflow-Post. Thanks to Arden de Raaij for posting this in the comments!

Shoutout to Danilo Miranda and Petro Liashchynskyi for their links to also very insightful getting-started-articles!

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Arden de Raaij

Hi Antonio! You might want to have a look at the creating a source plugin page on the Gatsby site. Also, this StackOverflow answer provides some excellent guidance on how to pull in data from a custom Rest API:

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Antonio Radovcic

This is excellent, thanks!
If this were StackOverflow, you'd have a green checkmark now.

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Danilo Miranda

Hi Antonio!

I don't know if you still need it, but I wrote an article myself about how to get started with Gatsby

Hit me up if you need any help or other resources!

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Petro Liashchynskyi

Yoo, wasssup 😁 Check out this tutorial from Traversy Media 😉

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Antonio Radovcic

Thank you!
Does it include using a custom Rest-Api as data-source?

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But does anyone thinks is better for SEO? sorry I don't know much about it