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QuickBooks Salesforce Integration

eShopSync for QuickBooks is giving the major goals for synchronizing the accounting data of QuickBooks online to salesforce. Now dealing with the QuickBooks unlimited data is much easier than ever before. As coming to its functionality user synchronize the Customers, Invoices, Payments, Estimates & Products from QuickBooks in Salesforce.


  • Synchronization of Product and services from QuickBooks to Salesforce
  • User can connect up to N number of QuickBooks application to the salesforce end
  • Synchronize Invoices, Payments, Estimates from QuickBooks to Salesforce
  • Synchronize customers as accounts and contacts in salesforce

  • eShopSync for QuickBooks helps you to make effective use of time and Its provides the functionality of Auto synchronization as well as manual synchronization of QuickBooks online data to salesforce. It is the most secure in terms of security perspective as everything is managing on the cloud instead of a server.

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    Thanks for sharing information about benefits of salesforce integration