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Angular Library with ng-packagr

When you have a small application with three or more components, and they do not share a relationship among themselves when it comes to sharing data through component communication. For such components, we have seen the usage of services. Services come to be of great help when we have to use the same data in more than one components. This data is then used inside the component by using dependency injection.

This is when we have the components inside one module which contains the service. However, if we want to use the data from the service in multiple modules, a better idea is to put this data inside the service somewhere, from where you can actually import it in whichever module and component you wish to.

Now, this is about one application, what if you want maximum applications to use the same data and you definitely do not want to copy paste the code for each of your applications. Also, you do not want any of the applications to communicate with each other, but just share some data from an external source to all the applications.

That is when Libraries and packages come into the picture. In this blog post, we will see how to create an Angular library and what are the requirements to create one. When researching more about Angular libraries, I came across this great talk Create and publish Angular libs like a Pro by Juri Strumpflohner wherein he explains the need for a library with this image.

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