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List App

My Javascript project was a simple list app that allows a user to create and delete lists and add in tasks. This was an app I'd been wanting to make for awhile and was glad I finally got a chance to do so with this project.

After working with Rails so much in the last project, it was very easy to set up the backend and I spent the bulk of the project working with the frontend and navigating the dom. It took me awhile to decide on a file structure and I ended up doing a lot of testing a long the way. One thing that really helped me was finding a simple way to clean up my test data and start fresh with my original seeds. Up until you build out an apps delete functionality, the database can get messy with test data.

I used the following simple code to fix this problem:

Add 'ModelName.delete_all' to your 'db/seeds.rb' file for every model's data that you want to gone.
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My seeds file looked like this:

--> db/seeds.rb


// seeds data goes on the lines below

Then run the following code in the terminal
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--> terminal
rake db:seed

That's it! The database was just completely cleared of all data and then repopulated with seed data. Having this command handy was a really helped me during this project because I could test and debug in browser without having to build out delete right away.

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