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Posting my two projects from last week:

Libpixmap is a library to read and write PPM (portable pixmap) images with an easy to use API in C. Right now, it can only create PPM images but not properly open them and that is the current issue that needs to be fixed.

If you would like to take a look:

Have you ever used Rust's Result type and wished you could use something similar in C++? Result for C++ is a library just for this need. Of course, not everything is going to map exactly due to the differences between the languages but it is suppose to be just as easy to use as the native Rust Result type. Currently it is a WIP.

Take a look if you wish:

This next project isn't mine but I have contributed quite a bit to it and would like to bring it to people's attention.

Sample programs is a collection of programs of many different programming languages. It is a project to showcase the abilities, uniqueness, and good practices in a given language.

At the moment, we have seven types of samples:

  1. Hello World
  2. Fizz Buzz
  3. Reverse String
  4. Quine
  5. Conway's Game of Life
  6. File I/O
  7. Baklava

If you write a sample program, you can choose to write a companion article detailing how the code works.

If you want to contribute:

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