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When making a game for a project, I found out that using images in SDL2 isn't hard but isn't trivial either. I decided to create a C++ wrapper around SDL2_Texture that takes care of some of the heavy lifting to offer a better experience.

You can see more in the README.md section of the repository: github.com/Noah11012/sdl-image-wra...

Libpixmap had its first version release last week and I'm looking to continue improving the library especially in the performance area (not that its slow or something) and documentation.

If you would like to take a look: github.com/Noah11012/libpixmap

If ever wanted to use Rust's Result type in C++ then Result for C++ has you covered. Right now, not all methods are implemented and because of the language difference between the two, not everything maps perfectly.

If you want to help the project: github.com/Noah11012/result-for-cpp