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Why Should Your Business Use Web Components?

Founded in the early 2010s, web components was introduced to the public by Google-employed researchers. Immediately, web components became one of the more sought after options when developing new browser features. Web components are being used by companies of all sizes across an array of industries. Chrome Platform Status believes that around 8% of all Google web pages use web components in some capacity. These companies include Youtube, Salesforce and Ionic(Stencil).
One of the main reasons why businesses have turned to web components since its creation is due to the fact that businesses are able to increase efficiency within their business process. The ability to streamline business processes and technology not only saves businesses time, but it also saves businesses a lot of money. Another reason web components has become popular amongst businesses is the fact that web components can be shared and accessed quite easily, across the entire company infrastructure network. The ability to access code across the network saves engineers a lot of time, and makes projects run much more quickly. Also, if a business owns the code, it does not need to be rewritten over and over again, rather just copied and implemented. Also, by using web components, businesses can create new components without causing code collisions and other duplicate lines. All of these benefits combined, and a businesses’ customers are going to receive a well-organized, more efficient product in less time than it would normally take. Add incredible efficiency to a number of other benefits, such simplicity and customizability, and you get a product that is a no brainer for any business in the digital space.
The development of web components allowed businesses of all sizes to both increase efficiency and decrease cost, which is one of the biggest tasks businesses face today in the current digital climate.

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