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Import Google Maps 3D data into Blender

Nicko16, a Blender YouTuber, uploaded in 2020 a short tutorial about how to Import Google Maps 3D Data into Blender, using the RenderDoc Blender add-on. Basicly, it import 3d models and building from google map with MapsModelsImporter developed by Élie Michel.


18th November 2021, UPDATE, I can confirm this is working with:
Blender v2.93.6
RenderDoc v1.16
MapsModelImporter v0.4.0

Requirements & useful links

This is the text that you need to add to the Chrome shortcut target field to run it in debug mode (delete the existing contents beforehand):

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c “SET RENDERDOC_HOOK_EGL=0 && START C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe^ –disable-gpu-sandbox –gpu-startup-dialog

If your Chrome is installed in a different location to the one above you may need to go in and change parts of this text.

You can download the MapsModelmporter addon here(
You can download RenderDoc here:
You can see Elie’s original video here:
You can download Blender here:
we support our best for this free tutorial and scripts for Importing Google Maps 3D Data


We tried and actually it perfectly works! It's pretty useful to have an access into the world in 3D whatever your project is. The data is accurate but, as you excepted, it's made of low-poly models so if you are requiring or you need this for close-up (plans), I don't advice you to make it. And of course, it's totally free.

Let us know your feedback in comment.

Noé Cabannes-Michel @noe

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Noe C. Michel • Edited

18th December 2021, UPDATE, I can confirm this is working with:
Blender v2.93
RenderDoc v1.13
MapsModelImporter v0.4.1
Latest Chrome/Firefox version